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Welcome to Get To Happy

October 5, 2009

Welcome to my new blog! This blog is going to document my ongoing quest to become a better, happier person in the face of a number of obstacles. It will include some ruminations on my personal progress and growth, as well as numerous reviews of books about happiness, self-fulfillment, marriage issues, career issues, time management, and more.

Let me start with some background. Although I will remain anonymous, it is important to share some background so that the context of the blog is understood.

I am a software engineer in my mid-40’s. I have a good job, a couple of great kids, but a difficult marriage, and my job too comes with plenty of stress. I am a displaced person – living in the USA but with my friends and family all in another part of the world. I’m not a great socializer, and so since being uprooted have had a hard time putting down new social roots. I suffer from depression, and have nowhere to turn other than myself. As a result, I have been driven to self-help books in my attempts to improve my outlook on life. I started this blog largely to share my opinion of the books I have read.

I’m alone on this journey; my wife disparages self-help books just as she disparages my views in other ways. I’m trying to find my way to happiness with or without her in a way that also is best for my kids. At work I am trying to be a more effective manager, be more organized, get more done, and be positive despite the turmoil going on in my home life.

I cycle occasional but I don’t exercise nearly as much as I should; part of this blog will be about if/how I improve in that area too.

In short, I’m something of a mess, but I hope that my journey provides some inspiration, insight or help to others who recognize parts of themselves in the things that trouble me. I welcome comments and feedback and hope that we can all “get to happy”.